Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 4: Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Last night we learned we were far enough ahead of schedule that we would be given the opportunity to bless a fourth family this week. After meeting this family, learning of their sweat equity, and witnessing them as brothers and sisters in Christ; we are the ones blessed by them.

We have a video that will upload later that will describe the tremendous amount of Labor they have already put into their new home, so for tonight, we like to share a few words about our witness of them and the blessings we have received. Also, will share more about each of the partner families we have met in subsequent blog entries after this trip.

At the additional home today, the host mother brought chairs out of her home for us to sit on. Later, when she saw last suffering during another break in the relentless sun, she set up an area on a neighboring shaded porch where we could all sit. She sat with us and although we could not say much more than "mucho gracias", as she sat there with her young son our eyes shared an understanding that requires no words. Her husband worked tirelessly beside us always working harder and faster than our soft American bodies allow us to do. At one point it was obvious that a dead tree was in the way, so without a word, he simply uprooted it out of the way. Everytime anyone of us turned around, he was there with the next book could have water, the next wheel barrel of gravel, and always a smile on his face.

Please extend your prayers to these partner families. When we return, please allow us -- no invite us -- to opportunities where we can share their stories so that the Holy Spirit may work through us to encourage more generosity and a stronger bond with all brothers and sisters of Christ.


  1. Wonderful. Hard work you are doing!
    God Bless you all!

  2. This is amazing! I can not wait to hear about all of the wonderful stories! I'm so glad you're able to help a 4th family!!! Congrats to you all in all of your hard work!

  3. Was able to interact with some terrific Thrivent folks on 4/6 in Harrisburg - some of whom were in Nicaragua last year!