Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 3: 2nd Full Day of Construction

We look forward to adding pictures at the end of the trip from YOUR Thrivent team.  Though you are not here with us physically please know that each of you are a part of Thrivent's commitment to this cause.  Each of the build participants are discussing how important it is to share this experience with our teams, our families  and our Thrivent members so that the impact of this program only grows in the years to come

The day starts early but amazingly meeting around the coffee pot at 6 am is not a chore as we prepare for the bus trip to the site.  By the end of today (Tuesday), we saw all three house reach the "u-channel" block level that on the front of the homes is the top level. This a concrete cinder block designed to hold the rebar that will help reinforce the houses.

We have been blessed to connect with several of the children of the families (pictures to follow).  Any of these kids would fit right in at your church's Sunday school class.   Based on what we've learned about living conditions in Nicaragua this build will add years to the lives of these children.   Who knows what this will enable these and so many other kids to accomplish during their lives.

Needless to say the team returned dusty & tired but comforted that everyone is safe and the project is ahead of schedule.

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